July 23, 2022

Due to the heat advisory for the weekend the City of Boston and Boston EMS has asked that we cancel the Regatta out of concern for the health of our participants.  Several other city-wide events including the triathlon and the Trinity Cup soccer match have been cancelled due to the extreme heat creating a medically unsafe environment .

Please accept our apologies for the cancellation, but as you know the health and well-being of all of our AccesSport family is always our top priority.


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larry aufiero

“The entire staff has helped me gain confidences I never knew that I had and put me on a physical upward spiral to better health. I have lost weight and strengthened my muscles, which has made it easier for my mobility, specifically transferring. The trainers are not only extremely well skilled in aiding the athletes, but they also make us feel comfortable and at ease. They go beyond being trainers and have become friends to my family and myself.”

Larry Aufiero Acces Sport America Athlete