Thanksgiving Thoughts From Ross

November 24, 2021

Most of us don’t like to look foolish being overly optimistic. From believing our home team will win a championship to saying we beat a life threatening illness, we humans tend to be guarded in expressing hope. Giving thanks as we do this week, can be a risky venture as well. On Thursday we can easily say “I’m thankful for my family. You all are great.” But with other forms or thanks we might be more restrained. Like “I’m thankful we’re getting through this pandemic.” Or “I’m grateful for our good health.” We know that both can be taken away in an instant. Almost like a jinx, we might shy away from these bolder forms of thanksgiving.

If we are who we say we are at AccesSportAmerica, we’d like to lead the way and firmly express high hopes in our thanksgiving this year and for what lays ahead.

  • First, we’re thankful for all of you who are a part of our family and who support us each year. We am confident you will remain with us and support us as you have in the past.
  • Second, we are grateful for the incredible research and science that is getting us through this pandemic. We know we will soon return to that confidence we had in June to get back to normalcy.
  • Third, we are so deeply thankful to be serving our community again with in-person programming. We are back with Gait training, cycling, tennis, and this great mix of virtual and in-person sessions in our school program too. We know this will continue and we’ll be safe.
  • Fourth, we are so happy that our Gait Trainer will soon be manufactured. Our partner is firmly committed to our patented device and shares our belief that this will change how people train for better walking.
  • Last we are thankful for the knowledge that we share these times with compassionate and committed people. This AccesSport community of which you are a part is in the thousands. I’ve not met anyone associated with a program or event who I didn’t find to be remarkable. Thank you for staying with us and being a part of our hopeful family.

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corey mckenzie

“To see this experience translate to the classroom is nothing short of a wonder. I see it in the classroom, cafeteria, playing field, hallways. They try a little harder. Big obstacles aren’t so big any more, and their attitude has changed to ‘I can’.”

Corey McKenzie M. Ed