Train In Place Program (TIPP)

The AccesSportAmerica Train In Place (TIP) Program brings adapted trainings to you.   This 12-week program is currently available as an on-line interactive exercise and training program, and features live sessions of exercises adapted for people of all ages and abilities.

The TIP Program is ideal for day and residential programs, organizations serving the disabled community, and community organizations that want to add challenging activities that are adapted to the individual needs of each participant.

The program consists of a core of five trainers who are live on screen and can offer adjustments in real time.  Each month we feature guest trainers that include past AccesSport Trainers and athletes, professional sports figures, and celebrities from our community.

Check out a video about out program: TIPP

If you represent a program, facility, group, or organizations that would like to offer the TIP program please let us know: TIPP Inquiry

Are you part of a participating group and need to complete your registation form? You may register here:  TIPP Registrion. 

Meet our TIP Trainers – Coming Soon!

gillian lamb

“There is something miracle like about AccesSportAmerica…it’s a pure triumph…a barrier-breaking experience.”

Gillian Lamb Butchman Physical Therapist