Winter into Summer Sports Programming

March 31, 2022

Get moving with AccesSport this year! We haven’t stopped with tennis, cycling, Gait training, and our In-School Program.

Adaptive tennis is at our newest site in Acton at Acton Teamworks. We employ an ratio of one to one or two to one of athletes and trainers with oversight by Wayne Lilley of Public Tennis. (Wednesday)

Cycling continues on the  Bruce Freeman trail every Friday afternoon when temperatures are above 40 degrees. We have the widest range of cycles to fit every need and the ability to further adaptive when needed. (Friday)

Gait training has been re-established in-person since September. We’re employing new ground-based training techniques and systems to complement the use of our patented Gait training device. We’re seeing even greater results than before the pandemic. (Monday- Friday) See video of complementary use of thenewgait device in our newest post.

Register today for any of these program and we’ll be in touch to discuss options.

Last, our teams are back in Boston Public Schools with our In-School training program. Supplemented by our revolutionary remote training system, we have more contact with these athletes across six schools than ever before. Let us know if you’d like us to be a part of your school as well. (Monday – Friday)

Look for our summer schedule coming out soon for Malibu Beach and Waltham sites!

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nancy connelly

“I accomplished better range of motion and stamina. I feel better… Makes me forget about all my problems…I would like to inform everyone that if you haven’t tried or thought about giving AccesSport a try, you are missing out on fun and good people that care about making you feel better about yourself.”

nancy connelly

Nancy Connelly Acces Sport America Athlete